The point of the river cruise is to see the actual Murchison Falls, but along the way you get a bonus mini-safari along the river. The river guide tried to his best to explain what we were looking at, but the crowd was a bit noisy, and there were some concerns that if we all stood on the same side the boat might tip over and we’d all get eaten by crocodiles, so I must confess I didn’t learn much. I did, however, see more elephants, which is always fun.


I always thought that with a name like “Kingfisher,” this bird would be bigger. But then again, the bird didn’t name itself.
Giant murderous slugs.
That’s right, I’m talking about you.
The African fish eagle is, frankly, bad-ass.


The guide had to point to this crocodile a lot before any of us saw it. Which tells me that, if I were ever alone in the wilderness, I would probably die first.


Hippos are always thinking, “I could kill you.”

And now, as promised, the best of the giant land animals: elephants.


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